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Why use thermal aerial photography for your agriculture or livestock?


By looking at temperature readings, farm owners can see areas that are receiving too much or too little water, spot disease before it spreads and better predict crop yields. Benefits also include bruise detection and information to better schedule irrigation patterns. This is all done using thermal imaging that can collect data previously hidden to the naked eye. 

By providing images for review throughout the crop cycle, every 7-10 days for new plants and then monthly during the growing season, farm owners will be able to make better business decisions on how to manage their resources and maximize their harvest.



For many of the same reasons that aerial thermal imaging is a benefit for agriculture, livestock business can also be helped. Images can help detect sick cattle before they infect others and also assist in herd tracking and optimizing the land on which they graze as well as more easily spot predators, especially at night.

With aerial crop monitoring using the cutting-edge Zenmuse XT thermal camera manufactured by FLIR mounted onto the  DJI Inspire 1, you get up-to-date data on the health of your crops or livestock. RGM Photography Services provides quick turnarounds on imaging for your agricultural and livestock needs, and will work with you on providing a service best tailored to your unique business. I am fully licensed by the FAA to provide UAS services  commercially in the United States. 



Up to 50 acres:                $12/acre

Up to 100 acres:              $10/acre

100 - 500 acres:               $8/acre

Over 500 acres:               $7/acre


Up to 40 animals:                $10/animal

Up to 100 animals:              $8/animal

Over 100 animals:               $6/animal

Referral bonus: For each new client you send our way, save 10% on your pricing, up to 50% off!


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